About Us

About Us


Winnie’s love affair and fascination with nails began more than 15 years’ ago.

She spent 5 years learning the tricks of the trade and in 2001, with the encouragement and support of her sisters, she fulfilled her dream by opening her own manicure and pedicure service in a rented house in Chip Bee Gardens.

This was a time when there were few nail SPAs and manicurists around and she was running a thriving business with mostly expatriate clients.

However, as business went up, so did rent. Winnie decided that she wasn’t going to charge her customers more just because she had to pay higher rent.

So, in 2007, after 7 years in Chip Bee, Winnie decided to relocate to Holland Road Shopping Centre, where she is today, and where she continues to serve her regulars with the same value-for-money service.

Winnie says that many of her customers have been with her for as long as 15 years – from the day she went into business.

When asked why she has so many satisfied customers, Winnie cited “value-for-money” – as a result of her ability to understand the needs of each customer, employing manicurists who have at least 5 years’ experience (no lesser experience than herself when she started), using top quality products and her creative input.

All these ensure her service maintains a certain quality, which is evident to her customers because her efforts look breath-taking (as you can see from these pictures above) and last longer on clients’ fingers.

After 15 years in the business, Winnie still emanates the excitement and eagerness of a novice when it comes to serving customers. Yet, she makes everyone who steps into her shop feels like an old friend.

She loves nails and so they love her! A fundamental business principle, which many businesses have forgotten but which I LOVE NAILS has nailed it!

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