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What is acrylic nails extension?

Acrylic nail extensions are artificial enhancements that lengthen and strengthen natural nails. They involve applying a liquid monomer and powdered polymer mixture to the nails, shaping and hardening it for a durable and customizable result. Acrylic extensions are a popular choice for enhancing the appearance and strength of nails.

Reasons You Should Consider Getting Acrylic Nails Extension

How Does Acrylic Nails Extension Service Work?

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Nail Preparation

The natural nails are cleaned, shaped, and gently buffed to create a smooth surface for better adhesion.

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Tip Application

Artificial nail tips are selected based on the desired length and shape. They are glued to the natural nails to extend their length.

Manicurist paints nails with gel polish. Application of acrylic polish on nails. Application Shellac on nails. Manicure service. Specialist covers the nail of client by clear gel.

Acrylic Application

A small amount of acrylic liquid (monomer) is combined with acrylic powder (polymer) to create a thick paste. Using a brush, the paste is applied onto the natural nail and tip, forming a solid layer. It is shaped and sculpted to achieve the desired look.

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The applied acrylic is left to air dry or cured under a UV or LED lamp to harden and strengthen the nails.

A manicurist removes gel polish from nails using a milling cutter. Hardware manicure close-up. Coating shellac on nails.

Shaping and Smoothing

The hardened acrylic nails are filed, shaped, and smoothed to create the desired nail shape and remove any rough edges.

UV lamp gel polish manicure process in a beauty salon. Salon procedure. The master coats the client's nails with a varnish.

Polish and Design

Nail polish or other decorative elements such as glitter, decals, or nail art can be applied to enhance the appearance of the acrylic nails.

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Finishing and Maintenance

A topcoat is applied to protect the acrylic nails and give them a glossy finish. Regular maintenance is required, including infills or refills every few weeks to fill in the gap between the natural nails and the growing acrylic.

Acrylic Nails Extension Removal Service

The process of removing nail extensions made from acrylic typically involves the following steps:

Manicurist sprays antiseptic on the nails before treating old acrylic nails. Treatment of nails with a disinfectant before manicure. Applying a disinfectant to women's hands.


The technician will prepare your hands and the nail region by cleaning and sanitizing them.

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Nail Trimming

To make the removal process simpler, the technician will delicately shorten the artificial nails.

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Your nails will be immersed in acetone-based nail polish remover in a bowl or other container. Acetone aids in dissolving acrylic and reducing its adhesion to natural nails.

Soak off gel

Waiting Time

To give the acetone time to soften the acrylic nails, you will need to wait for around 10-15 minutes.

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Gentle Removal

The technician will delicately remove the softened artificial nails from your natural nails using a cuticle stick or another gentle instrument. To prevent causing any harm to your nails, they will work carefully.

Manicurist applying nourishes nail and cuticle oil

Nail Care

The technician will clean and shape your natural nails after the artificial nails have been taken off. To hydrate and feed your cuticles and nails, they could also apply cuticle oil.

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Final Steps

To preserve and strengthen your natural nails, the technician may lastly add a base coat or nail strengthener.

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