Why Choose French Manicure?

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The French manicure is often chosen due to its versatility, being able to pair with a multitude of styles and looks. Be it a little black dress or a top and skinny jeans, the French manicure adds a touch of glamour to both. If there was a style that is close to being a timeless wonder, it would be the French manicure.

Yet as alluded to in the opening paragraph, this look has been out of trend for a number of years. Why did this happen? Is the French manicure now back in style? Read this blog post to find out more.

What is the French Manicure?

Simply put, the French manicure involves painting your nail bed with a clear or slightly pink polish, covering the majority of your nail. After which, it is finished with an application of a thin white line to the tip.

The History of the French Manicure

The French Manicure was first recognized around the 70s. From the 70s to the early 90s, it was mostly associated with women of a higher class. In particular, it was favored by society’s elites due to the sophisticated appearance that it boasted.

From there, it continuously rose in popularity, becoming the main trend in the late 90s and early 2000s. Supported by the “It” girls of the era, namely – Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, the French manicure it was rapidly adopted by both their female fans and the mainstream crowd. In fact, at its apex, you would have been hard pressed to find any celebrity on the red carpet who did not sport that sheer pink base and chunky white tips.

However, like any fashion trend, the French manicure wore out its welcome, experiencing a sharp decline in popularity after its apex. Many in the industry have attributed its decline to the loss of charm once the mainstream crowd adopted the look. In fact, the perception of the look turned from one that was luxurious to another that was just functional and ubiquitous. In comparison to many of the new incredibly innovative nail art that rose to fame in the late 2000s and early 2010s, the French manicure became dull.

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The French Manicure is back in a Big Way

After several years being out of the spot light, we are happy to say that the French manicure is back. Supported by a new generation of celebrities – Kylie Jenner, Ashley Graham and Bella Hadid, the French manicure is beginning to shed its tacky reputation. Moreover, these younger celebrities have been spotted pulling off the traditional French tip look as opposed to any number of variations that have been created over the years.

To many beauty experts, this development has not come as a total surprise. Just like fashion, almost all beauty trends are cyclical. As such, they had been expecting the French Manicure to make a comeback sooner rather than later.

Further aiding its cause is the natural look that this style impresses with. The blushing nail bed and crisp white tip is often perceived as an attempt to bring out the natural beauty of the finger nails.

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The Evolution of the French Manicure

While it is the traditional French manicure look that has made a splash in the summer of 2019, it does not mean that you have to limit yourself to this one look. Far from it, beauticians predict that it is the newer and more creative variations that will next take flight.

At its core, the French manicure smartly plays with negative space, leaving much of the canvas, that is your nail bed blank. How then can you keep up with the trends and avoid being predictable? The answer lies in the tips of your nails. Experimentation with a range of colours for the tips while retaining that shiny but natural base look is the name of the game here. You should freely experiment with more than one shade of white and even different colours to pair with your nail bed.

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Why You Should Get a French Manicure Today

Be it in its traditional form or newer creative variants, the French manicure retains the benefit of giving the illusion of slim fingers, combined with immaculate nails. In its latest comeback, and in its heyday, the French manicure still retains a touch of sophistication with the ability to dazzle at any time. Furthermore, the style is highly feminine, making it suitable for any social events or dates.

Tips for Maintaining Your French Manicure

Once you have gotten your fabulous nails done, you will want to keep them safe from harm. Here are several tips to bear in mind:

  • Apply a clear thin top coat to your French manicured nails regularly to keep your nails shiny. The thin coats also help to prevent air bubbles that lead to smearing and chipping.
  • Only apply a new coat once the old coat has dried.
  • If the nail polish chips off, you need to immediately fill the gaps with white nail polish and a new clear coat.
  • Protect your nails from lotions, creams or any rough contact with your everyday items.
  • Also protect them from soap and water. Try using gloves if contact is necessary, for example when you are washing the dishes.
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